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BETA is an Automation focused business providing consultancy and advisory services.

Everything we do is driven by data, our firm belief is that along with people, they are an organisation’s greatest assets.   Our mission statement is to maximise a client’s potential by empowering those people to work smarter, not harder.

With a particular focus on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) we provide organisations with the ability to remove tedious, repetitive, manual processing and introduce increased operational efficiency, capacity and ultimately scalability.

We pride ourselves on generating real value for our clients which is both tangible and measurable.  With a positive Return on Investment usually seen within 4-6 months, Automation is a cost effective strategy and can typically be delivered in as short as 3-6 week sprints.

Introducing automation into your organisation will also improve employee engagement.  There’s nothing more disenfranchising than undertaking the same repetitive mundane task day in day out.  Automate and allow staff to focus on value-add activities or reskill into entirely new areas.

If you would like an overview of Automation and our services email the team at or call us on 07797916016

Business Efficiency Through Automation
— Jake Willis, Founder BETA
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Over recent years there has been a rise in the hype and evangelism of RPA. Well informed and authoritative literature is becoming increasingly diluted amongst product biased social marketing.  For an organisation invested in a digital strategy it can be difficult to distil an objective understanding of RPA and where it sits in the emerging technology stack. We at BETA are committed to ensuring that clients make the right decisions by providing experienced advice at every step in the RPA journey.  We provide continuous education on the “Spirit of Automation” to ensure the appropriate messages are socialised as well as running diagnostics to identify the areas of focus within your business. 




Whether you are running existing RPA products or are looking for custom coded solutions we at BETA have the expertise to deliver.  We have extensive experience in many of the enterprise scale products as well as the capability to provide bespoke automation as a service.  Regardless of the approach, developing RPA is a mind-set. The techniques and fundamentals do not vary platform to platform which is why we remain agnostic to the technology and promote the philosophy of digital automation.  While we remain well informed on emerging technologies in the RPA arena, flexibility and agility are at the core of our development principles.


We believe that successful automation is often a fusion of technologies.  The art of automation is in conceptualising solutions that are not only achievable within a given infrastructure but also maximise the use of available tech.  In contrast the risk of over-engineering and a fragmented UX is real.  An effective architect will take into consideration a holistic view of their environment and available services before drafting a design, a fundamental core value which we argue is the difference between success and failure. At BETA we are committed to assessing attributes such as complexity, time to market and shelf-life in parallel with accessibility and health of data, system infrastructure and available software.  A creative approach to automation architecture that ensures a best fit alignment to any given strategy.



A downstream automated service is only as good as the upstream data you feed it.  We’ve learnt this the hard way and is why data prep and blend is now a key component in any delivery.  We encourage clients to be proactive in driving up their automation success rates through clean, structured and validated data.  This also extends in some cases to advanced analytics.  If the requirement lends itself then we are passionate about blending RPA with more complex practices such as OCR, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to tap into the potential of prescriptive automation based on unstructured data.  We’re also obsessive about providing insights into automation status, health and benefits in near real time through interactive dashboards.

Thanks to the team at BETA we have managed to automate a significant volume of manual repetitive tasks across the business.  Their Agile approach has proven a great success with solutions being rolled out within weeks and positive ROI realised within a matter of months.  With close to half a million system transactions successfully undertaken to date the socialisation and general awareness of RPA continues to grow internally and has been fundamental to our cultural digitisation journey…
— Client Testimonial




Whether you are starting your RPA journey and need some initial guidance or are successfully running enterprise grade platforms we're here to help you on your journey, drop us a line and we'll get in touch...